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The blockchain world is moving rapidly and not always in the direction early adopters like me thought it would.

  • How do large permissioned Ethereum networks affect Ethereum's long term value?

  • Will FATF eventually add Layer 2 operators to their VASP definition, and how will that shape the industry going forward?

  • Is Ethereum 2.0 too little, too late with Polkadot and Cosmos nearly ready? Does it even matter?

Make sense of the blockchain industry

In this newsletter, I'll attempt to make sense of the blockchain industry as a whole, through a few different lenses:

  • look at individual use cases

  • How changing requirements from relevant but underestimated stakeholders move the industry in ways most of us may not expect

  • Analyze specific blockchains based on the above

Who am I?

My name is Pelle Brændgaard, as my surname is impossible for non-Danes, so please call me Pelle (pronounced like Pelé, the footballer). I'm Danish but have lived in both North and South America, various places in Europe as well as surviving a failed bitcoin startup in Kenya.

I've been working in the internet and crypto industry since the early days of the dot com boom. I've seen businesses and technologies seemingly take over the world and then be gone one year later.

As a member of the 1990s cypherpunk movement, I have been thinking about the implications of using crypto for financial and business applications longer than most people.

My primary interest is in using Blockchain for enabling new kinds of business applications. So I am very interested in how to apply contract law to blockchains and how regulators feel about such things.

I have had to stop four different crypto related startups since the late 90s due to not being able to solve regulatory issues around KYC and AML. This led me to join ConsenSys in early 2016, where I now lead uPort a decentralized Identity project, trying to work across the industry to solve this problem.

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CEO at Notabene. Working at bringing crypto into the real world.